TrueSkill 2: The new MMR system for LoL

At the start of the year, Riot Games has announced all the new features for League of Legends Season 2024 such as the new MMR system, TrueSkill 2. This includes a number of significant changes to gameplay and items that were detailed a month ago and many more new features such as qualifiers.

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Season 2023

We are heading towards the new ranking system designed for the 2024 season, which was highlighted by Riot in its latest video. In this material, the company shares its learnings from the modifications made during the 2023 season, with the aim of mitigating the difficulties associated with restarts in qualifiers, such as:

  • New Emerald rank
  • Increased gain and loss of PL

Although they tell us that they have seen some improvement, they have moved away from what they really wanted to achieve. They have noticed how platinum players were playing with other silver players.

New MMR system, TrueSkill 2

Riot wants a new system to position us in the qualifiers through our skills in the games, making us not to lose more PL than we win, even if we have a positive win rate and that the system detects if you are using a smurf account or if you are a new player.

TrueSkill 2

A skill rating system for video games, it has significantly improved the accuracy of its predictions compared to its predecessor, TrueSkill. It now achieves an accuracy of 68%, surpassing TrueSkill’s 52%.

In general terms, it introduces these important changes:

  1. Manages the absence of players in the game.
  2. Manage squads of players (predefined groups).
  3. It uses batch inference to improve classification accuracy.
  4. Consider player statistics over time.
  5. Include player experience (time played) in the calculation.

These parameters, now weighted appropriately, contribute to a more accurate and reliable ranking of players. Batch inference, in particular, involves taking into account previous matches between players to improve the estimation of results and make more accurate adjustments at the end of each match.

Source of Information

Season 2024 Look Ahead: Champions, Modes, Arcane & More | Dev Video – League of Legends

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