Lol: The Losing Queue, myth or reality?

Loser’s Queue, also known as Elo Hell, is a term used by the League of Legends community to refer to an alleged matchmaking system mechanic that places players on a losing streak with no way to escape. Although Riot Games has repeatedly denied the existence of Loser’s Queue in LoL, many players remain convinced that this phenomenon is real and that is why it wants to implement TrueSkill 2.

In this article, we will analyze the different perspectives on Losing Queue, from Riot Games’ official stance. We will address the possible causes of perceived Losing Queue, such as natural matchmaking variability and cognitive bias, and explore the strategies players can use to deal with losing streaks.

Possible causes

Discover the Possible Causes of the Perception of Losing Queue

What Riot says

Find out what Rioter Matt Leung-Harrison says

Losing Queue

Possible causes of the perception of the Losing Queue:

1. Natural variability of league of legends matchmaking:

The League of Legends matchmaking system is not perfect. Although it attempts to match players of similar MMR, there will always be some variability in the results. This means that it is possible for a player to experience winning and losing streaks, even without a mechanic such as Losing Queue.

2. Cognitive bias:

Humans are prone to cognitive biases that can affect our perception of reality. One of these biases is confirmation bias, which leads us to seek information that confirms our pre-existing beliefs. In the case of the Losing Queue, players who believe in it will be more attentive to losing streaks and less attentive to winning streaks, giving them the impression that they are trapped in an endless losing cycle.

3. External factors:

There are other factors that can affect a player’s performance in League of Legends, such as mood, fatigue, or the conditions in which they play. If a player is experiencing a losing streak, it is important to consider these factors before attributing it to the Losing Queue.

4. System exploitation:

Some players have found ways to exploit the matchmaking system to gain advantages. For example, they may create smurf accounts to play against lower MMR players or use “trolling” strategies to make their teammates lose. These practices can contribute to the perception of the Losing Queue.

5. Lack of transparency:

Riot Games has not been completely transparent about how the matchmaking system works. This has generated distrust in the community and fueled speculation about the existence of the Losing Queue.

It is important to remember that the Losing Queue is not a confirmed theory. There is no scientific evidence to support its existence. However, the causes mentioned above may explain why some players believe it is real.

If you are experiencing a losing streak, the best thing to do is:

  • Take a break: Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to walk away from the game and come back later with a fresh mind.
  • Analyze your own game: There may be mistakes you are making that you are not noticing.
  • Communicate with your team: Communication is key to winning games.
  • Keep a positive attitude: Mentality is important in League of Legends. If you stay positive, it will be easier to deal with defeats.

What does Riot Games say?

Matt Leung-Harrison on Twitter tells us:

One Rioter states flatly that “Losing Queue” does not exist. They don’t intentionally put bad players on your team to make you lose. He explains that in ranked games you are matched only by your rating. If you lose a lot it is because you are playing against better players, your current level is not enough. They don’t place you with all inters or against smurfs.

For 99.9% of players, even if you think you do it “perfect” and post a good KDA with an “inting” team, a skilled player would find hundreds of decisions you could have made to change the game.

Accept that there will be games with partners who play poorly, it is the nature of a 5v5 game. In the long run, you are the only common factor and responsible for your rank. If a challenger were to play that “impossible game” in your place, they would probably win.

For a better League of Legends experience, they recommend:

  • Positive attitude and no giving up.
  • Growth mentality.
  • Seek mentoring from respected players.
  • Remember that the enemy has 5 potential yielders, your team has only 4.

The Rioter claims that the belief in the “Losing Queue” drives him crazy, as it helps players purge their accounts and many believe they are being put into that system.

He shares observations from 12 years of coaching:

  1. Players with an advantage tend to be conservative, they should look for more pressure without risking too much.
  2. Analyze each death: almost all of them are avoidable up to high ranks. Identify the cause: poor wave management, lack of vision, over-commitment to fights, etc.
  3. Play for your victory: identify and counterattack the enemy’s victory condition. Look for which lanes can carry the game and focus your resources there.

In short, the “Losing Queue” does not exist, according to Riot. Improve by analyzing your mistakes, having a positive attitude and looking for ways to grow as a player.

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